Church Missionaries
The mission committee of Aylmer Evangelican Missionary Church (AEMC) affirms the following focus of World Partners:

    It is recognized fact among us, that greater accomplishments can be achieved for the Kingdom of God by combining our efforts in a cooperative fellowship for the outreach of the gospel at home and abroad. In the interests of furthering the work of the Church under our great Head, the Lord Jesus Christ, it is incumbent upon us that we work together in mutual cooperation and harmony, making common cause for Christ.
The focus of the mission committee is cross-cultural and global outreaches that include church planting, teaching, discipleship and support roles. Outreaches can be for short-term involvements in an established mission agency or long-term committments to an agency and project. Outreaches that are primarily social efforts, rather than Church-centred witnessing outreaches, are not included in the responsibilities of this committee.

The mission committee promotes missionaries and ministries through prayer, education, mentoring, encouragement, finances and evaluation.

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